On The Beat: Live music highlights for October 2-15

Pieta Brown

The first half of October brings a wide variety of music to Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. Standing out are two duos and two full fledged bands: We have a pair of songwriting ladies from opposite ends of the world. […]

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On the Beat: Searching for the summer jam

Although it is my least favorite season for any variety of reasons such as boredom, I do look forward to the summer. It’s the traveling season as well as a time to enjoy all the city has to offer. Unfortunately, this summer brought no relaxation at all. Instead, this season has bred a seeming insanity […]

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On the Beat: Summer listening guide

Summer in the Clubs! Live Music Venue GUIDE Iowa City is what is known in the biz as a ‘small market.’ Acts on national tours book shows in Iowa City based on it’s geographical position within a half-day’s drive of Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis and Kansas City—it’s a great place to shoehorn a show in […]

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