Mission Creek Day 1: Come dance now.

There was a moment when I thought maybe I would write you a show review. But let’s face it, the word has already hit the street: Mission Creek Music Festival opened last night with a roar, a crash, some University brass (no joke) and stellar performances by some very, very good bands.

The Wandering Bears join Rubblebucket onstage at Gabe's

So instead of getting into the details of A Classic Education schooling their audience on powerhouse Brit-pop, The Wandering Bears plucking tambourines from a red-lit, skeletal branch whilst belting out sweet downhome harmonies, and an ecstatic audience parting for members of the U of I brass section to join Rubblebucket onstage for a thunderous finale, what I would like to write you instead is “please come do this.”

Last night was the opening night of the festival, and even on a Monday, Iowa City showed up. The crowds steadily filled out through the night, but there was still plenty of room to shake your thang, if that’s what you’re into. And the music was right.

If you haven’t heard of some (or most) of the bands playing Mission Creek, all I can say is buy some tickets, check out some MySpace pages, and trust. Trust that the organizers behind this event know good music, because they most definitely do. These guys consistently bring in acts that blow our minds, challenge our tastes, and become the soundtracks to our years and our new favorite bands. They are the hardest-working music promoters in this city, and our reputation for cultural relevance continues to grow thanks to their dedication.

If you want to live in a city that matters, artistically and culturally, now is the time to show it. Take advantage of this meticulously-curated week of literary events and music – buy tickets, attend events and get educated. This is our week, friends – let’s dance.