Letter to the editor: Iowa legislature should override veto of CBD bill

We all make mistakes. Gov. Reynolds made a mistake when she vetoed legislation that would make essential improvements to Iowa’s medical cannabis program. She got bad advice and didn’t listen to the Iowans most directly involved. These are our friends and neighbors who suffer every day with such debilitating, life-threatening conditions […]

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Gov. Reynolds vetoes bill to expand medical CBD program

On Friday, Gov. Kim Reynolds vetoed a bill that would have allowed people diagnosed with “severe or chronic pain” to participate in the Iowa Medical Cannabidiol (mCBD) Program and would have raised the cap on the active ingredient in the cannabidiol currently available to patients in the program. […]

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As Iowa’s first medical marijuana production facility opens, severe restrictions remain on the program

Iowa’s still developing medical marijuana program reached an important milestone on Thursday, as MedPharm Iowa held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its Des Moines facility. “It’s about the patients, the kids, the patients who are going to benefit from these particular products,” Dr. Christopher Nelson, MedPharm’s owner, said at the ribbon-cutting. […]

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Iowa’s medical community is reluctant to embrace state’s medical marijuana program

A poll conducted in January found that 78 percent of Iowans approve of medical marijuana. But even that level of popular support is meaningless if doctors don’t participate in the state’s very limited medical cannabis program. “Unfortunately, too many physicians, nurses — and really the medical community at large — too many of them have been unwilling to meet with us or really anyone tied with this industry. Unwilling to talk about it and learn more about it,” MedPharm Iowa spokesman Lucas Nelson told Radio Iowa. […]

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Cedar Rapids is getting in ‘on the ground floor’ of marijuana manufacturing

Cannabidiol will join breakfast cereal as a one of the things Cedar Rapids proudly produces. Last week, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) awarded a license to grow marijuana and process it into cannabidiol last week to Iowa Relief, as part of the state’s medical marijuana program. According Iowa Relief’s application, it plans to […]

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Last chance to expand Iowa’s medical marijuana program likely dead in the state legislature

A final attempt to expand Iowa’s medical marijuana program appears to be dead in the Iowa legislature, after Speaker of the House Linda Upmeyer said she and the rest of the Republican caucus that controls the House are opposed to changing the current law. The Senate Ways and Means Committee passed a bill on Monday […]

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Iowa’s medical marijuana program still in the weeds

Proponents of Iowa’s medical marijuana program say it must expand to sustain itself, but no clear path has emerged this spring. Their wish list includes making more medical conditions eligible for treatment, additional medical cannabis dispensaries across Iowa and a higher limit on permissible levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, a mind-altering compound in marijuana. […]

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Medical marijuana in Iowa: Can Hawkeyes legalize?

marijuana hemp farm

Legislators are debating Iowa’s marijuana laws on the foundation of one basic question: Can a state expand access to medical marijuana while limiting recreational use? Medical marijuana has been an active topic of debate by the Iowa Legislature for the better part of a decade. Democrats and Republicans have fought back and forth over whether […]

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There’s something skunky about medical marijuana in Iowa

Branstad speaks in Washington D.C.

When Gov. Terry Branstad signed a bill on May 30 allowing some Iowans to posses cannabidiol oil, an orally-taken cannabis extract that lacks the intoxication effects normally associated marijuana, Iowa joined a list of 33 other states in allowing some form of medical marijuana regulation. Critics have since argued that Iowa’s law is too narrow […]

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