Hallways of Jellie: Jenny Hoyston and William Elliott Whitmore currently recording new albums

Jenny Hoyston and Ellie Erickson of the punk band Erase Errata are bringing their new act Hey Jellie to the Trumpet Blossom Cafe on Tuesday night. The duo resides in Austin, Texas and are currently in town recording their latest album at Flat Black Studios. […]

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Album Reviews: Flat Black Studios Compilation

Luke Tweedy, the recording engineer behind Flat Black Studios, had a good year in 2013. “More good bands writing good songs were recorded last year than any other single year,” Tweedy said. “Yet, almost none of [the songs] got released.” In an effort to share the songs he was still listening to “long after the band[s] walked away from the studio,” Tweedy decided to release a collection of the recordings as a vinyl compilation through his and Will Whitmore’s record label, Long Play Records. […]

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