Hallways of Jellie: Jenny Hoyston and William Elliott Whitmore currently recording new albums

Hey Jellie

w. Raw Space, SINNER FRENZ
Trumpet Blossom Cafe — Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 8 p.m.

Hey Jellie performing at Grey Area in 2017 — video still by Jason Smith

Jenny Hoyston and Ellie Erickson of the punk band Erase Errata are bringing their new act Hey Jellie to the Trumpet Blossom Cafe on Tuesday night. The duo resides in Austin, Texas, but are currently in town recording their latest album at Flat Black Studios.

“Honestly I do think that Hey Jellie is really just a natural evolution from what Ellie and I were doing with Erase Errata.” Hoyston said.

Drum machines and synths will play a role in the new album, along with the powerful guitar and bass riffs that fans of Jenny and Ellie are used to. The two began recording last summer during Grey Area festival, and are back this week to finish up the album.

Jenny Hoyston posing with a can of Cobra Verde before an interview on 02/02/18 at Flat Black Studios — video still by Jason Smith

While she is in Iowa, Jenny is also working on an additional album, a follow-up to the successful “Hallways of Always” EP she recorded with Iowa musician William Elliott Whitmore as a side project in 2006.

“So with this second ‘Hallways of Always’ record, we each had songs in mind that we brought to the table, and [Jenny] had sent me a couple of songs over the internet that I was able to practice.” Whitmore said. The two then took their ideas to Luke Tweedy, owner and engineer of Flat Black Studios. Some songs were fully formed and some of the songs were rough, but with the help of Tweedy those ideas were laid down into a track.

Jenny and Will collaborating on their next record on 02/02/18 at Flat Black Studios — video still by Jason Smith

Tweedy “adds things to it and helps produce it in a way that he becomes member of the band,” Whitmore said. Whitmore said he doesn’t know who else will end up on the next “Hallways of Always” record, but he’s already excited about some of the current players on the album, including drummer Mike Schulte and long-time friend Joel Anderson, who will lay down some supplementary guitar.

Hey Jellie will be performing on Tuesday, February 6th at 8 p.m. at the Trumpet Blossom Cafe along with Raw Space and Sinner Frenz. Sinner Frenz is described as “Eurorack Synth Seduction.” The band is made up of Brendan Spengler and Luke Tweedy.

This will be the first time the bands have performed together.

Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios on 02/02/18 — video still by Jason Smith