Pitch Imperfect

Prairie Pop: April 2010 – Apparently, the naked human voice isn’t good enough. Whether we’re talking about studio gimmickery or vocal tricks not aided by technology–Appalachian yodeling and Tuvan throat singing come to mind–we’re often suckers for interesting oral freak-outs. Voice alteration gizmos soon began popping up in hit singles of the 1970s and 1980s–applying […]

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Prairie Pop: Musical Brew

Prairie Pop: March 2010 – With some musicians and bands, I form a kind of matrimonial bond (though because I like so many artists, that makes me a bit of a polygamist). Long-term fandom is like entering into a marital contract–where you’re with them until the bitter end, even if they get a little ugly […] […]

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"Copyright Criminals" Premieres Tomorrow Night on PBS

Produced by LV contributor Kembrew Mcleod and University of Iowa Associate Professor, and Benjamin Franzen, U of I graduate. Copyright Criminals explores the issue raised by the collision of Remix Culture with current laws. This will be shown at 8AM, 2PM and 7PM tomorrow, January 19th. **UPDATE: Iowa Public Television will air Copyright Criminals in […]

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