Watch: Johnson County Public Health disease control specialists explain how they investigate COVID-19 cases

Johnson County Public Health posted a video on its Facebook page on Friday morning, featuring two of its disease control specialists providing “a general overview” of how they “conduct disease investigation on COVID-19, as well as how and why our processes changed over the past few weeks.” Johnson County Public Health Disease Prevention Specialists explain […]

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Shelter-in-place? Gov. Reynolds opposes mandatory restrictions, and Johnson County health leaders worry about ‘panic’

At her Wednesday afternoon press conference, Gov. Kim Reynolds reiterated her belief that voluntary efforts by Iowans are the key to combating the spread of COVID-19 in the state. “Now is the critical time, when each of us can make a difference on the impact that COVID-19 will have in Iowa,” Reynolds said. “We all […]

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A local DJ tests positive for COVID-19; Johnson and Linn county officials respond differently

County government buildings in Johnson County will be closed to the general public starting on Wednesday, and they will remained closed through March 31, according to a press release from the county. “We’re just changing our business model,” Dave Wilson, director of the county’s Emergency Management Agency, said at press conference on Tuesday afternoon. “Government’s […]

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