Solon council votes to keep wages at $7.25

Solon City Council unanimously passed an ordinance to opt out of the first-in-the-midwest minimum wage increase last night. Instead of allowing the lowest paid in their town a moderate raise, the council decided to keep their city’s wage floor at the state minimum, opposing the Johnson County ordinance passed last week that will raise the […]

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Second wage hike vote set for Thursday

The Johnson County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed its first reading of the minimum wage ordinance that would be the first of its kind in Iowa. The countywide wage hike would gradually raise the minimum hourly wage to $10.10 per hour by January 1, 2017. After two more votes scheduled for Sept. 3 and 10, […]

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Johnson County: Land of the red tape

Land of the Red Tape

Iowa City, like other locales in Iowa, has witnessed the growth of its own farm-to-table movement, becoming part of a growing national trend in the production, distribution and consumption of foodstuffs provided by predominantly local, small-scale agricultural operations. Bustling farmers’ markets and innovative community supported agriculture (CSA) ventures offer Johnson County residents an education about […]

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