Letter to the editor: Royceann Porter is the human rights leader Johnson County needs

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Royceann Porter speaks during a candidate forum for the Dec. 18 special election. Wednesday, Dec 5, 2018. — Zak Neumann/Little Village

By Robin Butler

In 2007, I had the honor of getting a human rights award from the Iowa City Human Rights Commission. Also that year, Royceann Porter received one of the Commission’s Human Rights awards. It was the first time I met Royceann, and I was impressed by her enthusiasm, dedication and drive. It was those qualities that led to Royceann getting her award. She had seen a need in our community, and had organized, planned and implemented a new program.

Over a decade later, Royceann is still just as dedicated to our community. Whether it’s workers’ rights, social justice, mental health issues, restorative justice or affordable housing, Royceann has been a leader. She has served on committees and boards at the city and county levels, including the Iowa City Police Review Board and the Racial Justice Steering Committee. She has served on the Johnson County Disproportionate Minority Contact Committee and the Juvenile Justice Youth Development Policy Board. She has been a juvenile court liaison, and has worked with the Iowa City Community School District’s Equity Committee and more.

Please join me in voting on or before Dec. 18 for Royceann Porter for Johnson County Supervisor.

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  1. Royceann Porter has a wealth of experience in many different areas that are representative of human rights . She has failed to share how as President of SISTERHOOD , a diverse group of women who worked out of the Salvation Army .
    She organized many Activities at the Salvation Army for women in the community to come out and enjoy an evening of fun and partispate in learning about things like female health care , School District Policies, how to get support for the death of a loved one .
    Royceann worked with the City of Iowa City to provide direction to many who loss a loved one .She worked with the Funeral Homes to help community members have a wonderful home going service . She also organized SISTERHOOD members and provide a meal after each funeral for family and
    Sometimes the family needed clothes to wear to the funeral service . Men , women and children were provided with outfits with the help of Royceann Porter and members of Sisterhood . If the deceased needed a hair do , make up , or clothing that was also provided .
    Royceann’s energy and commitment to community showed us in the SISTERHOOD family what sacrifice, giving and dedication looked like . Her leadership kept us going and if called upon to this day , the same caring attitude would be shown .
    Supporting people when a loved one dies is the most human thing any of us can do . Royceann lead the group and served many people at the most critical time , when a loved one died . The funeral Home who worked with Royceann to support many people who were hurting was Gay Chia’s funeral home . The staff is outstanding and made everyone feel welcome when final services had to be held at their funeral home.
    This is so important to know about Royceann Porter .
    I am voting for Royceann PORTER for Johnson County Supervisor .

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