Battle rappers are making a scene in Des Moines

“Sometimes, it’s real beef or real grudges that need to be settled on stage,” $ANTHI said of the rap battles he’s been part of over the past two decades. “Sometimes rappers get called out, egos clash, shade is thrown. Some people are picky about who they battle. Some don’t care, and will attempt murder on […]

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Blair Christian of ‘Wild N’ Out’ performs comedy at Gabe’s

video still taken from MTV:

Blair Christian, a member of MTV’s revived Wild ’N Out comedy series, headlines a showcase of comedy and hip hop at Gabe’s this Saturday at 9 p.m. Though she’s worked successfully in the entertainment industry for years as a dancer and choreographer, Christian began performing stand-up comedy in 2012. Christian has done well for herself in the mean time, most recently being cast in the sixth season of Wild ‘N Out, where she has had a chance to regularly show off her improv and comedy chops. […]

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