Great Plains Action Society unites Indigenous Midwesterners to seek justice for state violence, past and present

Sikowis Nobiss has two kids at home, both in elementary school. She has a full-time job and volunteers on Iowa City’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission. “Ugh, trying to deal with COVID and just keep the house clean? That’s my day today,” she said. Nobiss is the founder of Great Plains Action Society (GPAS), a nonprofit […]

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Iowa City Bike Library finds a new home, at last

After more than five years of location insecurity, the Iowa City Bike Library (ICBL) is ready to settle down in its own “vast, ethereal space.” “It is true! The Iowa City Bike Library has purchased a building at 1222 South Gilbert Court,” ICBL posted to its Facebook page Tuesday morning. “Situated South of CommUnity, two […]

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Time still remains in 2017 for charitable giving

It is, many say, the season of giving. Filled with goodwill and grace from the wide array of winter holidays, and eager to meet the year-end deadline for tax purposes, people across the country use the final days of the year to dedicate financial resources to their favorite nonprofit arts and community organizations. But the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, signed into law on Dec. 22, makes this giving season even more significant. […]

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