UR Here: Cottages, conflict and control

Iowa City debates historic preservation

Let’s be clear, this column isn’t about the debate over Iowa City’s Dubuque Street Civil War-era workers’ cottages that are being torn down. This is a column about how we talk about it. Acrimony on both sides of the debate has filled our local media, online venues, Planning and Zoning Commission meetings, and City Council […]

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Ten years ago in Iowa City: July 2003

Iowa City's Ped Mall -- photo by Alan Light

Lets talk a bit about what was happening in Iowa City ten years ago. A decade is a nice chunk of time to look back upon ‘things as they were,’ and thanks to Iowa Research Online’s Archive of Little Village back issues, we’re provided with a convenient frame of reference for doing just that. […]

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IC History: Iowa City’s early crossroads

IC History

Before interstates, before pavement and even before concrete, Iowa City was becoming a major crossroads–for both the state and the nation. It began in 1839 when the Old Military Road–which got its name from the Iowa Dragoons that briefly used the thoroughfare–was built from Dubuque to Iowa City, the new territorial capitol. This first road […]

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IC History: Changing the channel

River Walk

Most Iowa Citians don’t know how the Iowa River between the Burlington Street Bridge and northern part of City Park came to look as it does, nor that the channel once followed a very different course through the city. Would one know what was underfoot while walking along its banks or viewing it from afar? Who remembers the islands in the river, the quarries along its banks or the changes in 1939 that made them disappear? […]

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