‘Reasons for Living’: Leslie Charipar hitting the road in search of inspiration

By any measure, Leslie Charipar has lived through a couple of lousy years. “Lived through” is no mere turn of phrase. Charipar has been in the grips of not one, not two, but three cancers — breast, lung and thyroid — not to mention blood clots in her brain. At the moment, she’s on the […]

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Interview: Pella’s Dave Keuning talks Iowa and outer space for the anniversary of Killers’ classic ‘Sam’s Town’

Dave Keuning is most comfortable in his element, which is neon. He is taller than a county courthouse and the many curls of pale auburn hair on his head deserve to rest on lush leopard patterns. Keuning plays guitar for the Killers in front of festival crowds the size of Thebes in the fourth century. […]

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Music As Religion: An Interview with King Khan (VIDEO)


In this video, King Khan talks to Little Village about he views music as it’s own religion, making yourself through myth-making, the social justice carried out by jazz greats like Sun Ra and the Chicago Art Ensemble, practicing Tarot with cult filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky and achieving better mental health by following the example of the […]

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An interview with Man Man’s Ryan Kattner

Man Man's Ryan Kattner

Philadelphia-based experimental group Man Man is set to play Gabe’s on Wednesday, Feb. 12. About three weeks ago, the band set out on their second tour in support of On Oni Pond, their most recent record. I had the chance to talk to Ryan Kattner (A.K.A. Honus Honus), the band’s lead singer and primary songwriter, […]

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An interview with local jewelry maker Lindsay Chastain

Goat eye rings?

Lindsay Chastain, 25, works hard managing the Bluebird Diner in Iowa City, and in her off-hours, she’s involved with jewelry design (not to mention fashion, a two-piece band dubbed “We Shave,” movies and an extensive taxidermy collection). Lindsay hand makes her jewelry — sold at White Rabbit and available online at Sauvaged Jewelry. Her pieces […]

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An interview with Trumpet Blossom Cafe owner Katy Meyer

Little Village sits down with Katy Meyer, owner of the Trumpet Blossom Cafe, to discuss the nuances of vegan cuisine. Meyer discusses what shaped her philosophy on food, her family’s history with cattle farming, food tattoos and more. Lets get to it! Little Village: Is Trumpet Blossom strictly vegan? Katy Meyer: Yes, a lot of […]

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Music: King Pop – An Interview with Paul Collins

“One of the things I enjoy most about touring now is playing with up-and-coming bands.” This was one of the first things Paul Collins said to me when we recently chatted about his 2013 Midwest tour. It makes sense because thirty years ago, Paul Collins was in two up-and-coming power pop bands, The Nerves and […]

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Interview: Uncommon Feat – The Hood Internet

A few weeks ago I asked The Hood Internet’s STV SLV if he was interested in chatting with me for Little Village. Under the one condition that we refer to it as “Lil Village,” he agreed. Here are the highlights: LV: Let’s talk about FEAT. I’ll let you explain what it is, exactly because it’s […]

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