Astrology Forecast for December 2009

FOR EVERYONE ~ Clash of visions. This month, again, pits our visions of the future against sometimes harsh realities. The situation is one of extreme flux and it seems very hard to predict, let alone control. Yet there is also a lot of flexibility in the situation. The outcome really will depend a lot on how we envision the future for ourselves and there will be many people promoting their particular vision of the future. The problem is that some visions are realistic and some are not. Visions can also conflict. The challenge will be to decide which of the visions on offer is realistic and which of those that are realistic will work for you.


ARIES ~ Avoid flash points. You’ll need to rethink parts of your lifestyle. The role of at least one key partner in your life will change significantly. Initiatives by friends, children and other loved ones will make adjustments necessary, too. People are being driven by potent new visions for their own lives, but it isn’t clear that they have thought through the details of these visions. Keep impatience and temper in check as you work through the details together. Deeper involvement in spiritual and philosophical matters will help you process these changes.

TAURUS ~ Routine. A blizzard of changes are on the way. Uncertainties and unknowns stretch as far as the eye can see. It isn’t so much that Taurus needs to sit all this out. It’s more that you need to stay the course. Somebody needs to keep up with the routine stuff while people make all the big moves. Right now, that someone is Taurus. Deviating from the slow and steady approach could cause health issues or lead to stress and excessive worry. Achieving long-term financial goals should remain a top priority.

GEMINI ~ Peacemaker. The process of change is penetrating deeply into your life and environment. Important relationships are at stake–personal and professional. People are thinking and acting too quickly as they come to terms with events. Tempers could flare. Help everyone concerned get their ideas across without rancor. The outcome of all this could significantly affect your finances. With respect to finances, you are entering a cycle better suited to consolidation than expansion. However, in the months ahead, you will find yourself in increasingly greater harmony with the forces of change.

CANCER ~ Explain the benefits. There is no question of going back to the way things were. Your livelihood and the livelihood of others depend on making others understand the advantages of new plans and the impossibility of going back. Use your intuition to appreciate the beauty of the new plans and your emotional sensitivity to explain them as delicately as possible. Express yourself calmly and patiently. Harsh words or hasty action will do more harm than you think and they won’t prevent the changes. You have more influence than you realize.

LEO ~ Tread as lightly as possible. Leo’s the one who must break the eggs to make the proverbial omelets this time around. You need to take the initiative to help yourself, friends, loved ones and others cope with the demands of change. People will disagree with you about what needs to be done. Some heated exchanges are inevitable. High levels of confusion will complicate issues. Be very sure to sort through the concerns of those you upset for any good points and try to find the common threads in everyone’s ideas.

VIRGO ~ Embrace your optimism. Much as everyone would love some certainty, right now, there isn’t any. That’s the reality. But as irrelevant as optimism seems, you can’t help but feel optimistic. Maybe that’s because you realize just how in tune you are with the forces and processes of change. You sense an underlying unity and direction despite the confusion and upset. When things do begin to solid up, Virgos will be among the first to know. Present alliances and existing assets will turn out to be more important than you think.

LIBRA ~ Vision and objectivity. Considering how complicated and tough the situation is, Librans are remarkably well positioned. The difficulties are manageable. Help yourself and others but be realistic and honest about what you need and what you can contribute. People also need your honest opinion about their own options. Stay focused on the future. People need help developing a realistic, workable vision of the future. You will have to put a lot of complicated and challenging ideas into simple and encouraging words. Schedule more quiet time to process your thoughts and feelings.

SCORPIO ~ Involvement. The realities surrounding you seem harsher than usual and the uncertainties greater. There are viable solutions in the works, though. You know that the solutions chosen will affect your lifestyle as well as those of your family and other important people in your life. Consequently, you will likely find yourself in the middle of the debate. But the devil is in the details, and the details can take awhile to work out. You need to make a long-term commitment to implementing solutions. Your participation will be rewarded, and rewarding.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Finale. For Sagittarians the wave of change moving through your life is more of an end than a beginning. Changes will continue, but, starting fairly soon, difficult transitions you may have been experiencing will find happy endings, pretty much. The changes that follow will be less challenging, more harmonious and fulfilling. The focus for the foreseeable future will be on firming up your financial situation. You need to devote your attention to controlling expenses and accumulating assets, long term. You will need to balance your budget in the coming year, particularly.

CAPRICORN ~ Stirrings. Part of the focus for Capricorns is inward. Personal issues you thought were long settled, or at least long buried, are beginning to require your attention again. As you engage in financial planning, for yourself and others, include resources for spiritual and psychological renewal. Take special care to remain calm and balanced in discussions with higher ups. Issues can be vague and solutions elusive. Higher ups could be more than a little touchy. Still, the overall mood remains one of optimism for the future. Community involvements will soon expand.

AQUARIUS ~ Shift. Aquarians can look forward to major shifts of activity in the coming year. Your income is due for a boost and financial issues should also settle into a more predictable and secure pattern. At the same time, your involvement in community activities will increase significantly. You might need to be a bit self-protective. There is a lot of excitement surrounding issues you are involved with. People you know, and some you don’t, could get a little pushy. Tactful silence might be the best safeguard. Shield growing assets against future shocks.

PISCES ~ Stand firm. Be clear about who you are and what you want. Make sure you know where your own best interests rest. You will soon get an avalanche of offers and advice. Many will be very tempting. Don’t take any at face value. Your present status might seem modest to you, but it is hard won and easily lost. Pick and choose carefully and negotiate hard. Be very sure that the offer you accept is in keeping with your goals. The wrong involvement could threaten all you have worked for.

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