An interview with Michael Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies

To paraphrase Grand Funk Railroad, Cowboy Junkies are a Canadian band—and a family band. It features siblings Margo Timmins on vocals, Michael Timmins on guitar, Peter Timmins on drums and longtime friend and collaborator Alan Anton on bass. Their quiet, hypnotic sound (imagine the Velvet Underground backing Patsy Cline) was cemented on their breakthrough 1988 album… […]

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N.S.F.W: 12 songs to make Tipper Gore gasp

Nine inch nailes

When I was young I sought out music that had any hint of eroticism. I remember Merril Bainbridge’s “Mouth” giving me shivers: “When I kiss your mouth, I want to taste it.” I was entranced. Could lips be salty? I wondered. With neither an internet connection, the money for audio cassettes nor the ability to […]

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Screenshot: The rules of the game

Madden 25

September rolling around again means not only the return of professional football, but also of professional football’s most popular simulacrum, the Madden video game franchise. EA Sports has been releasing a Madden game every year since 1990, though the first game was published in 1988, making this year its 25th; yet, because Madden is typically […]

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Prairie Pop: Mobb Deep’s past, present and future

Mobb Deep

“I got you stuck off the realness / we be the infamous”—Prodigy rapped in the opening verse of “Shook Ones, Part II,” Mobb Deep’s classic 1995 single—“you heard of us / official Queensbridge murderers / the Mobb comes equipped with warfare, beware.” Grimy, blood-soaked and unrelentingly bleak, Mobb Deep’s albums were filled with first-person tales delivered over menacing beats and minor key samples. Prodigy and his partner-in-musical-crime Havoc sounded like they had roamed the mean streets of New York since they were old enough to lift a banana clip. The reality, however, was a little more mundane. […]

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The history and evolution of beer zombies in Iowa City

The Old Iowa Stadium located between Burlington Street and Iowa Avenue on the Iowa River.

Iowa City is about to receive its annual plague of beer zombies. Between students coming back, the ruckus of football weekends and party-town binge drinking, the number of these late-night drunks staggering the streets will increase exponentially. For all residents that find beer zombies lost in their neighborhood, flailing in their yard or evacuating their […]

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Prairie Pop: A guide to the Bob Mould oeuvre

Bob Mould

On Thursday, Aug. 15, the Bob Mould Band will totally rock the roof off the Englert in support of the singer-guitarist’s superb 2012 release, Silver Age. This is reason enough to be super-psyched, but wait, there’s more! Mould has been mining his deep back catalog—performing songs by Hüsker Dü and Sugar, his two previous bands, […]

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Screenshot: The cutscene effect

Man of Steel

Let’s be honest: Video game cutscenes—those moments when control is taken from the user so that story information can be conveyed through a cinema-style sequence—almost always disappoint. Dialogue is often stilted and the voice acting is subpar; character expressions are muted at best and immobile at worst, sticking them firmly in the “uncanny valley” of […]

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