Petition asking EPA to crack down on water pollution from factory farms is rejected — six years after it was filed

This week the Environmental Protection Agency rejected a petition from a coalition led by Food & Water Watch that asked the agency to strengthen regulations regarding water pollution from factory farms. “For more than 50 years, EPA has knowingly shirked […]

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Small farmers are being the change they want to see in Iowa agriculture

It will take a lot to turn the massive ship of Big Agriculture around in Iowa, even if the benefits — from improved water quality to a more competitive food market — are many. It is important for those who […]

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Five questions with Keith Summerville, Drake Environmental Science and Sustainability professor

Iowans are taking notice of the environmental changes affecting not only the livability of the state, but the globe. Keith Summerville, a professor and the chair of Environmental Science and Sustainability at Drake University, started at Drake in 2002 and […]

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For Iowa brewers, water quality is ‘a really big deal’

According to Iowa brewers, a beer is only as good as the water used to make it. Inside West O Beer’s taproom in West Okoboji is a poster that proudly states, “To us, the water is a really big deal.” West O owner Matthew Matthiesen said the poster has been there since the taproom opened, emphasizing how important clean water is to […]

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Letter to the editor: Protecting the environment and the economy is not a zero-sum game

Florida’s global warming climate-catastrophe hurricane dominates the news, momentarily eclipsing even the presumptive leader who calls this situation a hoax. Too many liars have access to public attention, voicing the dangerous and defeatist idea that there is a “cost” to defending the earth’s […]

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The Paris Agreement marks an unprecedented opportunity to quell the tide of climate change, and Iowans have a role to play

Power Plant, Climate Change

In the wake of the recently released World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Statement on the Status of Global Climate 2015 report, which warns that the world is warming faster than predicted, the Paris Agreement on climate change (the “Agreement”) — negotiated […]

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