Women’s Marches in Des Moines and around the globe unified diverse groups, not just ‘anti-Trump’

For women like Kate Casaletto and Erin Duncan, two North Liberty moms who helped found the activist group Action Iowa, there was little discomfort in touting sharply worded signs along with an estimated 26,000 other marchers in Des Moines Saturday. “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people,” read Casaletto’s sign on one side; […]

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Album Review: Distant Train – Congratulations on Your Suicide

Distant Trains is the solo project of Iowa musician Chuck Hoffman, who plays in Des Moines band Why Make Clocks, among other varied musical projects around the state. Web developer by day, rock and roll animal by night, Chuck is the sort of musician who keeps the Iowa rock scene exciting: he knows everyone, has been in a band with almost everyone, and he’ll be down front at your show grinning and head-nodding, even if he has to work in the morning. […]

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