What makes a Deer Tick? John McCauley talks new instruments, parenthood and his band’s upcoming acoustic tour

Deer Tick

Deer Tick has evolved and adapted over the years where similar indie-rock bands have faltered and burned out. While not without their share of a hard-partying and rock and roll lifestyle, their sincerity keeps their craft authentic and their fanbase steadily growing… […]

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Iowa City Weekender: May 17-19

Hey y’all. Quick shout out to A.C., who generously took the Weekender responsibilities last week as I was suffocating in an academic pool of caffeine, sadness and sleep deprivation. Thanks, dude. It’s good to back this week though. I’m feeling […]

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Iowa City Weekender: April 8-11

Ever wish Iowa City would slow down, just for 2 seconds so you could… Wait, what would you do?  Relax on one of her many patios?  Perhaps chillax, at College Green Park, where you are likely to catch Cirque Stupendo […]

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Iowa City Weekender September 10-13

This week’s Weekender is sponsored by… **This message contains embedded videos. If you are viewing this via email or rss, you may not be able to see all content. Original content is viewable HERE** THURSDAY Culinary Walk |Downtown Iowa City […]

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