Iowa City Weekender: April 8-11

Ever wish Iowa City would slow down, just for 2 seconds so you could… Wait, what would you do?  Relax on one of her many patios?  Perhaps chillax, at College Green Park, where you are likely to catch Cirque Stupendo practicing their juggling?  Maybe pick up a copy of the latest Little Village and muse over summer hair-do’s, and plan your next fresh patch of body ink. Perhaps do a little bit of mathematics, such as Burgers + Beers = You.

This weekend’s got all that for you, plus your regular dosage of A-List rock n roll:


Black Keys | IMU | 8 pm | $26/$30

Got your ticket?  Good because it’s sold out.

Got turned away?  Stay down at the IMU for…

The Messenger | Bijou Theatre | 7 pm | $5

Thanks for the visit, Obama, but there are still families sending their sons and daughters to war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond.  The Messenger is here to remind us that, every day, some of these families will get word that their soldiers are never coming home. From Bijou Theater:

After returning home from an emotionally scarring tour in Iraq, Will Montgomery (Ben Foster) is assigned to the Army’s Casualty Notification service. Despite his partner’s (Woody Harrelson) warnings to remain detached when informing families of the deaths of their loved ones, Will becomes drawn to a grieving widow named Olivia who helps him to find normalcy after his stint on the battlefield. Nominated for two Academy Awards, THE MESSENGER is “a fully felt, morally alert, marvellously acted piece of work. Despite the grim subject, it’s a sweet-tempered movie, with moments of explosive humor” (THE NEW YORKER).


G-Spot Hair Design’s 10th Anniversary Hair Show Extravaganza | The Mill | 7 pm | $6 in advance at G-Spot, $8 at the door

The Meara Oberdieck Band and local masher uppers School of Flyentology will provide the soundtrack of this celebration of hair and fashion styles from the 30s to the 60s.  I like a show with set parameters.  You know, principles.   It’s the rules that make the game fun.

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Deer Tick w Shame Train and Those Darlins | The Mill | 9 pm | $10 advance/$12 day-of

Damn, $12 is steep, but hell, if the IMU can charge $30 and sell-out … All you under 21, better take advantage of these opportunities to go see rock music at rock clubs without fear of getting tossed in the clink.  This line up, at the Mill, is something you’ll be talking about 5, 10 years from now.


Iowa Craft Brewer Series | Short’s Burger and Shine | 5-8 pm | $35 (tax and gratuity included)

Have you been to Short’s on Clinton St?  Are you aware that buried in Summit/Jake’s/Airliner-ville there lay the Mecca of Iowa beef and beer?  That’s right, all 20 burgers on the menu at Short’s are made with genuine Iowa beef.  And what’s on tap?  Nothing but Iowa Beers!  Who does that? No one but Short’s.

Short’s is partnering with the true local beer capitol of Iowa City, John’s Grocery, to present “meet the Iowa brewers.” This week’s event will feature Millstream Brewery, from Amana.

I’m not sure exactly how it’s going to work – I got a flyer that says “5-course dinner” but the email newsletter says, “Burgers will be paired with a variety of beers from the featured brewery.” Hopefully you won’t have to eat 5 burgers in a row, but for $35 you can probably expect to get good and full on some combination of cow and barley. Keep in mind, tax and tip are included, and Short’s does also offer a very very good veggie burger.

When you leave, stop by Gabe’s and let them know you love Millstream. The new owners just announced they were taking it off tap there, and I say boooooooo! Support the local and the local will support you.

Have a great weekend!


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