‘Rats with hooves’: Iowa City Council’s deer management program is under fire as population grows

For the past two hunting seasons, using bow-hunters to reduce the number of deer in Iowa City has proven ineffective. But the city could only get the five-year deer management program it adopted in 2019 approved by state officials on […]

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Letter to the editor: Keep bow hunting out of Iowa City

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is clearly concerned with one thing only: to keep cashing in on the fees from hunting licenses. Council members from Iowa City approached the DNR on Thursday, Dec. 13 to ask for a permit to conduct a professional sharpshoot within city limits to control the deer population […]

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Letter to the editor: Iowa City should stop hiring sharpshooters to thin out the deer population

I’d like to reach out to any who oppose Iowa City’s brutal and shortsighted plan for killing deer this coming fall, who might be willing to attend Iowa City’s Aug. 14 open hearing on the topic, and/or to send their opinions on this topic to the city (to Here is a copy of a letter which I’ve sent. […]

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