Reflections On A Silver Ball

On a Saturday afternoon, when the sun shimmers in the slight breeze of summer, two men huddle close in the darkness. In a back corner of the Deadwood, far from the reach of that sun and its shine, their faces are tense with concentration. Their eyes flit in all directions, lips pursed and jaws set. […]

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The Deadwood Deadzone

What you need to know is that this was not what I expected. But haunted house stories almost never are. And in the wake of Public Space One’s exciting expansion into the Wesley Center early this month, where they’re creating a free workspace for artists, filled with materials and equipment, I wondered about PS1’s historical […]

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Iowa City Weekender – Sept 3-6

THURSDAY Lupe Fiasco | Hubbard Park (Jefferson and Madison, across from the IMU) | 8 pm | FREE SCOPE Productions, the University of Iowa’s Student Commission on Programming and Entertainment, brings us Lupe Fiasco, Grammy-winning hip-hop artist from Chicago. Be sure to make it by 6 for free food and fellowship at the pep rally, […]

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