Seven presidential candidates will address issues facing people with disabilities at a forum in Cedar Rapids on Saturday

Cedar River Cedar Rapids bridge

Disability rights activists have been working hard to make sure the 2020 presidential candidates address issues of importance to Americans with disabilities, and on Saturday, seven of the Democrats in the race will participate in a forum at 2019 Accessibility, Inclusion, and Outreach Conference in Cedar Rapids. […]

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This week’s Iowa Caucus campaign events: four town halls, one meet-and-greet, one tour and 10 candidates at an LGBTQ forum

Ten of the 2020 Democratic candidates for president will be in Cedar Rapids on Friday for a forum on LGBTQ issues sponsored by One Iowa, GLAAD, The Advocate and the Gazette. But that’s far from the only political event to be held in the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area this week. […]

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Footnotes on the 2020 Caucus: LV watches the first night of #DemDebates

There were 10 candidates on the stage of the Arsht Center in Miami on Wednesday night, making it the largest debate in a Democratic presidential primary. At least, until Thursday night, when another 10 candidates will take the stage. Members of the Little Village staff decided to watch the debate “together,” via our office Slack. […]

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Cory Booker: ‘Our party does not need a savior, we need each other’

Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey was the first 2020 candidate to speak at the Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame celebration, and at the beginning of his speech, he acknowledged the obvious. “We have a lot—a lot—of presidential candidates here this afternoon,” Booker said. He then pivoted to a theme he includes in all his speeches. […]

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Footnotes on the 2020 Caucus: What will Cory Booker eat at the Iowa State Fair?

Footnotes on the 2020 Caucus is an occasional series observing some of the traditions, rituals and oddities of the Iowa presidential caucuses. Sen. Cory Booker officially announced his candidacy for president on Friday. The announcement, which he made on Twitter and in an email to supporters, probably only surprised people who thought the New Jersey […]

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Sen. Cory Booker will meet with voters in Cedar Rapids on Tuesday

Sen. Cory Booker will be in Cedar Rapids on Tuesday morning, for a “meet and greet” with local Democrats. According to the Linn County Democratic Party, the event is supposed to draw attention local Democratic candidates, but it’s likely that many of the people Booker meets and greets will want to talk about Brett Kavanaugh. […]

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