Letter to the editor: The magic of Codfish Hollow

All that is majestic about music and the Midwest is manifested in an unassuming barn in Maquoketa. You’ll find it off 288th Avenue, along Codfish Hollow Road. A wooden sign will guide the way. Watch where you step in the cow pasture parking lot. Choose whether to walk the gravel path or ride on a tractor-drawn hayrack driven by a man named Marvin. Arrive early and secure a coveted hay-bale spot along the wall and near the stage (like my girlfriend and I always do). Then spend the next few hours getting lost in music. […]

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Get Turnt: 10 acts you shouldn’t miss at this weekend’s Turnbuckle Comedy and Music Festival

Turnbuckle Comedy & Music Festival Codfish Hollow Barnstormers — Friday and Saturday, May 26-27 With musicians, comedians and wrestlers on the bill, this weekend’s Turnbuckle Comedy & Music Festival is set to take place at the legendary Codfish Hollow Barn in Maquoketa, Iowa. Tickets are $25-50. Turnbuckle is a can’t miss opportunity for comedy lovers. […]

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Show Review: Roadside Graves, 4onthefloor, and Kerosene Circuit at Codfish Hollow, Maquoketa – 4/17/2011

To get to Codfish Hollow, you first must get completely lost. Seriously, it seems to be a universal experience among event attendees at this place. Your GPS will send you somewhere 2 miles south. The signage is poor, the road is gravel and winding, and you’ll have a hard time believing that anything remotely hip can happen out here, where cattle outnumber people and seed caps are worn without any sense of irony. But, once you’ve found it you become one of the inside cadre, like the lucky guests of a speakeasy, and then you can pass the word of mouth of how amazing Codfish Hollow is, and pass on how to freaking get here.
If you can find your way, come on down to enjoy a rip-snortin’ good time with some of the best, up and coming artists in this great country. If you can’t find your way, give me a holler and realize that you’re not the first–or the last–person to get lost on the road to glory. […]

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