Linn-Mar High School quartet to perform with the (almost) Beatles and the (sort of) Rolling Stones at the Paramount Theatre

Four Linn-Mar High School orchestra students will help two nationally-renowned tribute bands recreate the ’60s, when Beatles vs. Stones — A Musical Showdown comes to Cedar Rapids next week. Seniors Kara Lindsey, Kit Iyer, Allie Schumacher and junior Alex Drahos will join Abbey Road, a Beatles tribute band, and Satisfaction, a Rolling […]

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Prairie Pop: The Iowa roots of the “Paul is dead” hoax

Did you ever hear about the “Paul is dead” rumor, involving the Beatles’ Paul McCartney? Did you know it originated in Iowa? Back in 1969, news spread that he died in a car accident and was secretly replaced by a look- and sound-alike. The story originally appeared in an Iowa college newspaper and fanned out through the counterculture’s […]

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