Linn-Mar High School quartet to perform with the (almost) Beatles and the (sort of) Rolling Stones at the Paramount Theatre

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Beatles vs. Stones — A Musical Showdown

Paramount Theatre — Thursday, Sept. 26 at 7:30 p.m.

From left to right: Kit Iyer (violin), Allie Schumacher (viola), Alex Drahos (cello), Kara Lindsay (violin) — courtesy of Linn-Mar High School orchestra director Joshua Reznicow

Four Linn-Mar High School orchestra students will help two nationally-renowned tribute bands recreate the ’60s, when Beatles vs. Stones — A Musical Showdown comes to Cedar Rapids next week.

Seniors Kara Lindsey, Kit Iyer, Allie Schumacher and junior Alex Drahos will join Abbey Road, a Beatles tribute band, and Satisfaction, a Rolling Stones tribute band, at the Paramount Theatre for the show’s only Iowa performance this year, on Thursday, Sept. 26. The quartet will be featured on seven songs, including “Yesterday,” “Hey Jude,” and “Ruby Tuesday.”

The show’s producers were “looking for a quartet who could hold its own with a rock band in front of an audience,” according to a news release, when they approached LMHS orchestra director Joshua Reznicow. The show often hires a local quartet to join the two bands.

“It’s good exposure for the students and good experience for them,” Reznicow told Little Village.

All four students have been playing their instruments since elementary school. Lindsey and Iyer both play the violin, Drahos plays cello and Schumacher plays viola.

While the students usually have months to prepare for a show, Lindsey said they learned of the opportunity earlier this month. Iyer said the experience has been “student-led,” and they were able to choose when and how they want to rehearse.

One of the aspects Drahos is most excited by is the experience of playing with a touring group.

“We’ve all played in front of audiences, but we’ve never had something that’s quite this professional,” Drahos said. “It’s unparalleled to what we’ve done so far.”

Schumacher is looking forward to the atmosphere of the show, since it will be different than the concerts in which the four have previously performed.

“I think they’ll walk away with a lot more experience and questions than they came in with, and hopefully, positive memories,” Reznicow said. “I’m sure the one thing they’ve perhaps never really experienced is the energy and stage of this audience. … This is the professional world, and they’re going to get to see that.”

The Beatles vs. Stones production has been touring since 2011. The Cedar Rapids show is part of a 125 city tour in the U.S., Australia and Canada. The show attempts to recreate the experience of seeing the Beatles and the Rolling Stones with multimedia elements, period costumes and vintage instruments.

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Beatles vs. Stones — A Musical Showdown starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets range from $23 to $68 and can be purchased at the Paramount Theatre’s box office, its website or by calling (319) 366-8203.

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