Art City: Painting America in Paris

Art City

Paris in the 1920s was a hub of intellectual and artistic activity, luring artists from all over the world. Many American expats fled their homeland and its morass of economic troubles, institutionalized racism and strict censorship laws to Paris’s rarefied atmosphere, holding out the promise of artistic freedom and intellectual openness. Two influential American painters […]

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Art City: Matt Bollinger’s ‘Odd Jobs’ at Prairie Lights’ Cafe

A selection of new works by New York-based painter and collagist, Matt Bollinger, is on view at Prairie Lights’ cafe through Aug. 3. Entitled ‘Odd Jobs,’ Bollinger presents a series of collage-paintings in which each image contains a snippet of a larger storyline. As the title implies, many of the scenes portrayed fall under the description of ‘odd jobs,’ yet the show is not constrained by a single unified narrative concept. […]

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Art City: Fair Grounds owner has big art dreams

Photos by Rachel Jessen Steve Pernetti is my friend. We met in 2010 when he bought Fair Grounds, the Iowa City vegan/vegetarian bakery and café whose food I loved but manager I couldn’t stand. Since then, Fair Grounds has changed. They serve meat; the dystopian note-scape of passive aggressive Post-Its judgmentally fluttering on everything vanished […]

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