Album Review: Angle — Talkin’ Story

Angle Talkin’ Story Longtime Iowa hip hop artist Angle (aka Jarid Catrenich) is at it again. Following on the heels of last year’s Definitive Bedtime Stories is his newest effort, Talkin’ Story. Angle is a storyteller, and uses his beats as punctuation for gritty tales that need to be heard. Unlike the happier vibes […]

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Album Review: Angle – Definitive Bedtime Stories


It is gratifying to follow the music of someone like Angle over a long period. This writer has known him for 15 years and lost count of the albums and EPs of his that have been reviewed in Little Village. Angle (aka Jarid Catrenich) has always had a distinctive flow and powerful voice, but his writing has gotten deeper over the years. […]

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