‘They screwed it up badly’: Caucus troubles continue as delegates are awarded, a recanvass is expected and bad math is defended

A week after the Iowa Caucus, its outcome is still uncertain, but that didn’t stop the Iowa Democratic Party (IDP) from announcing the projected number of delegates to the Democratic National Convention each candidate won in the Feb. 3 caucus. Pete Buttigieg, who had the second-highest number of supporters in the caucus, […]

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Footnotes on the 2020 Caucus: A first-time voter encounters buddy-buddy candidates and rude reporters at the Iowa State Fair

The annual two-week phenomenon that is the Iowa State Fair is well-known for its amply supply of pigs, people, meals on sticks and, once every four years, its parade of presidential candidates. Livestock gets judged in the various barns at the fairgrounds, and candidates get judged at the Des Moines Register’s Political Soapbox […]

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