Tacos for Peace: Eat well and help animals affected by Hurricane Florence

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Vegan tacos at the Trumpet Blossom Cafe. — photo by Adam Burke

Tacos are always good, and on Tuesday, anyone with a taste for the vegan version can do good by eating them at Trumpet Blossom Cafe. Every month, Trumpet Blossom, Iowa City’s only all-vegan restaurant, raises funds for nonprofits with Tacos for Peace. Normally it benefits local nonprofits, but this Tuesday’s tacos will support A Well-Fed World’s campaign to assist farm sanctuaries that are taking in animals affected by Hurricane Florence.

The Florida-based nonprofit focuses issues related to hunger and food production, including vegan advocacy and community building, as well as farm animal care and rescue efforts. Like Iowa, North Carolina, where Florence made landfall, has a large number of confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). The first estimate from the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said that 3.4 million chickens and turkeys and 5,500 hogs were killed during the hurricane and the storms that followed.

Katy Meyer, Trumpet Blossom’s owner and chef, wrote on the restaurant’s Facebook page that she was at a loss as to how to help, other than continuing to encourage people to adopt a plant-based diet to reduce the demand for factory-farmed products. Then she learned about A Well-Fed World’s campaign to relocate animals from hurricane-damaged CAFOs and support sanctuary farms.

A tremendous organization, A Well-Fed World, is accepting donations to help the massive number of farmed animals impacted by the hurricane and the sanctuaries already caring for animals, now taking in more as a result of the disaster. And, according to their website, all donations are being matched up to $25,000.

When I read this news and realized we were looking for a September Tacos for Peace beneficiary, I knew we had to break the “local-only” rule. I hope you can understand and support us in our efforts to help those affected rebuild these invaluable places and continue to care for these beautiful sentient beings.

Trumpet Blossom will be donating 20 percent of sales during dinner on Sept. 25, and “a box on the wall by the front door to take donations throughout the month following the initial fundraiser,” according to the restaurant’s Facebook page.

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