Show Photos: Olivia Rose Muzzy, obchod na korze, Mr Hide, Skye Carrasco – 8/6

I have developed a sincere appreciation for shows with lineups that defy genre, bands that you would never think of seeing together, yet make up the perfect evening. Last night’s White Lightning Wherehouse show combined the haunting loops of Olivia and her bass, the tongue-in-cheek acoustic guitar set of obchod, the punk rock(abilly) of Mr Hide, and the effervescent violinist Skye Carrasco, joined by the heavy drums of Brad Highnam and enchanting sitar of Luther Bangert. Shifting my gaze from the stage to the rafters to the floor, I was glued to the show, ignoring my better judgment to head home and catch up on sleep – and it was worth it.

White Lightning has a couple great shows for you this weekend. Check them out and maybe I’ll see you there.