Show Photos: Thursday at Mission Creek

The saga continues…the town is both more weary and more energetic than it has been since, well, last year’s Mission Creek. I keep bumping into the same folks at all the different venues, and we have a good laugh about how we are all very tired, yet totally unwilling to surrender before the last band has left the stage on the last day. It’s nice to feel this kind of comraderie with people you really don’t know at all – we’re all just out to have a good time and soak in the amazing talent we’re blessed to have this week.

In the following slideshows, you’ll get to see: Big Box, Blizzard at Sea, Pallbearer, Owen Pallett, Grizzly Bear, DJ Matt Fee, and KiNFoLK.


Grizzly Bear, Owen Pallett @ The Englert


Pallbearer, Bix Box, Blizzard at Sea @ Gabe’s


KiNFoLK, DJ Matt Fee @ the Yacht Club

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