Murder by Death Live at Gabe's (VIDEO)

With their unique brand of eerie southern American rock in tow, Murder by Death dropped by Gabe’s Saturday to put on an exceptional show before heading off to Chicago. Playing in tandem with Indiana’s finest were Linfinity and Ha Ha Tonka, so be sure to check out our video coverage of these talented openers if you haven’t already.

Although Murder by Death’s set list focused largely on their most recent release, Good Morning, Magpie, the group wasn’t afraid to stray toward some of their classics, plucking handily from other albums like In Bocca al Lupo and Red of Tooth and Claw to keep fans on their toes. Their lengthy set gave attendees plenty of those lamentations for the sinners and the damned that have made Murder by Death so popular across the Midwest and beyond.

Haunting narratives paired with a subtle southern twang–thanks in large part to cellist Sarah Balliet–make this group a must-see, so be sure to check out the following clips from Saturday’s show to see what you may have missed.

“White Noise”

“Steal Away”

“Sometimes the Line Walks You”


“My Baby Shot Me Down”