Mission Creek Festival Spotlight: White Lung

Mission Creek Spotlight: White Lung

Wednesday April, 3 at Gabe’s – 9:00 p.m.Featuring: Slut River, Gluestick, Nerv

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Wednesday April, 3 at Gabe’s – 9:00 p.m.
Featuring: Slut River, Gluestick, Nerv

Gabe’s plays host to a Mission Creek, punk-rock extravaganza Wednesday, April 3. Headliners White Lung will play their brand of fast and loud Canadian punk alongside Iowa bands Slut River, Gluestick, and Nerv. White Lung’s new-school Riot Grrl lead singer Mish Way and company have been touring North America for the past seven years perfecting their DIY garage-punk style and winning fans along the way.

White Lung – Thick Lip (live)spiritvegetable
Pitchfork gave their most recent record, “Sorry,” a score of 8.0, and according to, “[The album] manages to mix up the hardcore and melody to create something that all four members of White Lung should be proud of but which also needs to be lapped up by fans, old and new.”
You can find a few more White Lung songs below.
White Lung – Take The MirrorWhite Lung – Take the Mirror (
White Lung – Two Of You MasteredFrom the 7" on Sabotage Records. Mastering By Daniel Hajji Husayn

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