Mission Creek Festival Spotlight: Future Rock

Mission Creek Spotlight: Future Rock

Friday, April 5 // 9:00 p.m.Future Rock w. Chasing Shade, Zeta June

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Friday, April 5 // 9:00 p.m.
Future Rock w. Chasing Shade, Zeta June

Mission Creek Festival // Iowa City // April 2-7, 2013

Chicago House-Music trio Future Rock are slated to play a show at Gabe’s on Friday, April 5. They are known for combining samples from artists like The Chemical Brothers, and Neon Indian with synth loops and heavy bass to create wholly danceable tracks all their own.

Future Rock – "Rocket"futurerockyt
According to, “Back home they are justly celebrated for legendary performances such as their set at Wicker Park Fest that turned the entire neighborhood into a vast and energized dance floor, forcing even the palest and most resolutely hard-to-impress hipsters to call up their inner dance monsters.”
@futurerockband Thank you for kickin ass last night!!! Fantastic awesome tubular groovy amazing stellar rockin!!KBerg
Future Rock’s energetic style and impressive light shows are known for inspiring crazy dance parties, so fans of Electronica won’t want to miss this one.
Check out some more Future Rock songs below.
ShimmerWritten by Future Rock.Produced by Dave Najarian and Future Rock.Mixed and Mastered by Leif Moravy.
Cosmos (Live)"Mickey is the kind of guy who gets a new synthesizer and takes it home to learn every single button and function. He’s intense, very sci…

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