Metamorphoses: Givanni’s to become El Patrón Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar

Givanni's caterpillar emerges from its chrysalis as El Patrón butterfly -- photo by Matt Steele
Givanni’s caterpillar emerges from its chrysalis as El Patrón butterfly — photo by Matt Steele

When the Etre Restaurant Group closed the doors of Givanni’s Italian-American in the Ped Mall, it was unclear what the future would entail for the space. Though rumors abounded, all mysteries were dispelled this week when the former Givanni’s space displayed a sign for El Patrón Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar.

An official website has been launched.

No hard date has been set beyond a Twitter post announcing a spring 2016 opening. The website did however declare “WE ARE WORKING ON A RESTAURANT THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.”


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