LV Recommends: Turner Alley’s Czech Pilsner

Turner Alley's Czech Village Pilsner is the perfect summer beer --photo by Adam Burke
Turner Alley’s Czech Village Pilsner is the perfect summer beer — photo by Adam Burke

Turner Alley Brewing’s Czech Village Pilsner pays homage to the historic Cedar Rapids neighborhood that underwent severe damage in the 2008 floods and has since recovered to become a burgeoning cultural and commercial district.

Czech Village Pilsner pours a clear, light, golden straw from the tap and about a finger of white head dissipates after a minute. The aroma is faint at first, but scents of bready malt, light lemon zest, freshly cut hay, apple and a little strawberry emerge. The Czech Saaz hops brewed in the beer offer hints of spice and flowers as well.

The flavor offers a nice, bitter bite that is very bold for a pilsner. Tastes of bready pale malt, spicy and floral notes from the Saaz hops and lemon zest complement the bitterness. The mouthfeel is dry and each sip leaves the taste buds and tonsils coated in a lasting bitterness. The flavor also features touches of fruit, mostly apple.

Serving temperature: 42ºF.

Alcohol content: 6.5 percent ABV, though Turner Alley brewmaster Travis Scheidecker said he plans to make the pilsner’s ABV in the future.

Food pairings: “Pilsners are the perfect beer to pair with food,” Scheidecker wrote in an email. “They are light enough that they don’t overpower delicate dishes, but at the same time, the spicy hop character goes great with bolder foods. I’d say our Pilsner goes great with any food, but it’s particularly perfect with barbecue and pizza.”

Where to buy: Czech Village Pilsner is only available on tap. Look for it at 2 Dogs Pub, 30hop, Big Grove Brewery, Devotay and Shorts Burger & Shine.

Price: Around $4 per pint.

This article was originally published in Little Village issue 180

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