Local groups work to expand Johnson County Community ID program

The updated Johnson County Community ID (front) — photo by Matthew Steele

A community ID ad hoc committee meeting this week included representatives from the Center for Worker Justice and the Johnson County Auditor’s office. The group discussed recent improvements to the ID itself, a redesigned version of which quietly became available about two weeks ago, and strategies for expanding use of the ID among Johnson County residents.

The updated design features improved watermarks, typography changes to accommodate longer names and the addition of dedicated spaces on the back for emergency contacts and allergy alerts.

The updated Johnson County Community ID (back) — photo by Matthew Steele

Committee members said they hope usage of the ID will become more widespread in order to secure the long term viability of the initiative. Local businesses are invited to offer discounts to community ID users, or at least train staff to honor it as an accepted form of identification.

“We carry a lot of forms of identification, and most of them label us as members of something exclusive — like health clubs, or even the ability to drive, or have credit,” said Robin Clark-Bennett, a Center for Worker Justice board member. “But my community ID is the ID I’m most proud of because it labels me as part of a diverse, inclusive community.”

The committee also discussed plans to celebrate the redesigned cards on July 17, the two-year anniversary of the Community ID program. Full details of the celebration are forthcoming.

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