Letter to the Editor: Wage increases lead to vibrant communities

by J. E. Ironside
CWJ panel discussion in September 2014 on workers’ rights. — photo by Adam Burke
CWJ panel discussion in September 2014 on workers’ rights. — photo by Adam Burke

I have been an employee advocate for 20 plus years of my life — the first half as a manager of a drugstore, the latter half as a union organizer. I have seen many sides of how wages affect the working man and woman and their families. I’ve known folks who are economically comfortable and folks who are not. One common denominator between these two categories (economically comfortable, not economically comfortable) was 100 percent wage related. How buzzers and bells, red flags and fireworks are not going off for our politicians to notice this issue is beyond me. Pay a worker a living wage and that worker will reinvest in the community around them. The worker will have dignity when they earn a living wage. They will work with pride when they make a living wage. The American worker that relies on the government for representation on their wages has been taken advantage of for long enough. The fight for a living wage must be at the forefront of the middle class agenda. Raise the wage, Iowa!

In solidarity,
J. E. Ironside
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1362 Cedar Rapids, Iowa

This article was originally published in Little Village issue 213.

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