Letter to the editor: Megan Alter will be a voice for the South District on the Iowa City Council

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Megan Alter — courtesy of the Megan Alter for Iowa City Council Facebook page

By Jessica Pannell, Iowa City

We need Megan Alter on City Council.

Megan and I have worked together closely at the same nonprofit educational organization for over seven years. I have had ample time to get to know her not just as a person but as a public servant. Megan has committed her life to working on equity, and no part of her life is exempt from that focus. In every piece of work she produces that affects students, she considers the impact of it on ALL students, particularly students from underrepresented groups. She has launched independent projects addressing equity in our work, and followed through even when they became complicated or difficult.

Megan’s work on the Housing Commission, the Iowa Women’s Foundation and in the South District Neighborhood Association reflects her dogged commitment to making this community’s opportunities available to ALL its residents.

As a South District resident, I am tired of city government ignoring both the needs and assets of this side of town. We are a vibrant, diverse set of neighborhoods that needs a real voice on the council. Megan will be that voice.

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