Letter to the editor: Jorel Robinson has the potential to represent the best ideals of civil service on the Cedar Rapids City Council

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By Chad Cooper, Cedar Rapids

Telling someone how to vote is risky business. Is there any way to do it without sounding sanctimonious, contrived, arrogant? The best method is likely to explain why someone should consider voting for a particular issue or candidate. With that approach in hand, I’ll give it a shot:

The election for seats on the Cedar Rapids City Council is Tuesday, Nov. 5, and we have a chance to shape the discourse and future of our city.

While I consistently vote in local elections, I don’t wade much further into local politics, as I find most of it to be a convoluted popularity contest — even beyond national politics — full of patronizing networkers peddling bullshit to grab votes. When I step in the voting booth to cast a ballot, I find myself in the lesser-of-two-evils scenario more times than not.

With that said, there are rare times when a candidate arises who breaks that tired mold. This is one of those times. I consider it a civic duty to publicly endorse Jorel Robinson for city council.

Robinson has the potential to represent the best ideals of civil service: engagement, genuine concern and a voice for the under-served, underrepresented and unheard. Robinson has a deep connection to our community, including our city’s core neighborhoods: the places where I grew up and still reside. Robinson lives in and contributes to these communities. He understands these communities. He cares about these communities. This is a candidate who’s in the race for the right reasons — running to empower meaningful change. From what I’ve seen and read, Robinson is the best choice for Cedar Rapids.

Our city council should be an arena for innovative minds, compassionate hearts and principled ideals. On Tuesday, we have a chance to take a step toward that kind of city council.

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  1. Jorel, has fought for everything positive for Cedar Rapids! He fights for our youth and is a positive role model that our community needs! We would all benefit from his voice in the City Council. Please vote Jorel Robinson November 5th.

  2. Jorel has fought tirelessly for our community. He helps the voiceless make sure they are heard and the issues that are important to the community are addressed. He fights for our youth to make sure they have a positive role model and show them hard work and dedication go a long way. Not any easy battle by any means but giving up never solves anything. We would all benefit by having Jorel sit on our council. Please vote for Jorel Robinson on November 5, 2019

  3. Local idiot runs to get stoner vote by trying to go against state constitution. He keeps saying “real crime” I wonder what he considers real crime?

    He also has not explained how he is going to do any of his blanket, bleeding heart campaign statements.

    This guy is a joke and Cedar Rapids would be in dire straights with his ilk sitting on the council.

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