Letter to the editor: Grassley leads the radical right

Sen. Chuck Grassley accepts Trump’s endorsement, saying he “wouldn’t be too smart” to refuse it. Iowa State Fairgrounds, Oct. 9, 2021. — Jason Smith/Little Village

By Dave Bradley, West Liberty

Iowa U.S. Senate candidate, Mike Franken, supports constitutionally protected abortion.

Therefore, let’s consider Senator Chuck Grassley’s insidious role in the Supreme Court decision to end Roe.

As Senate Judiciary Chair in 2016 Grassley held open the Supreme Court seat, refusing to consider President Obama’s nominee, asserting it was the last year of Obama’s presidency. But in President Trump’s last weeks in office, Grassley advanced Amy Coney Barrett, who voted to end Roe.

Grassley said, “Together, President Trump and I cemented a conservative 6-3 majority on the Supreme Court.”

Grassley cares little that the Court is wreaking havoc on our lives. Grassley is a leader of the radical right.

Americans support abortion by 63 percent. Six unelected justices subverted the will of nearly two-thirds of Americans while making women second-class citizens thanks to Grassley.

While moving abortion issues to the states, the Court just made gun issues national, counter to their ruling on abortion.

The Court reduced the ability of the EPA to curb carbon emissions as the world faces catastrophic climate change. Thanks, Grassley!

The three new Supreme Court justices appointed by the previous president along with Thomas, Alito and Roberts will likely serve for another 20 years, thus stymying progress in all areas.

We’re losing precious freedoms. Grassley’s cruel intentions were planned. Grassley answers to the radical right and not Iowans.

Ending Grassley’s grip on power is imperative. Electing Senate candidate Mike Franken in November will help restore liberty.