Letter to the editor: Five statements of support for Lonny Pulkrabek

Johnson County Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek. — official photo

By Theo Prineas, Grinnell College student, former resident of Solon

To concerned voters of HD73,

When I was 17, just after the shooting in Parkland, I went to the legislature in Des Moines to push for gun safety in Iowa schools with a group of fellow concerned teenagers. I wasn’t looking to condemn those who don’t agree with my views — I was just looking for closure from my elected representatives, at the time including Representative Bobby Kaufmann. Several state representatives, many of whom I knew would never agree to school gun safety measures, came to speak to my group of high school activists — but Rep. Kaufmann, when asked, refused to listen to what we had to say, and refused to even acknowledge us.

I respect people with different beliefs from me. I respect the office of state representative. And I count on respect from my state representative in return. But Rep. Kaufmann showed me that he doesn’t respect his constituents — even a scared teenager — as much as he cares about toeing his party line.

Everyone who knows Lonny Pulkrabek knows he respects all views — that is why I support Lonny’s campaign for Iowa HD73.

By Bob Welsh, Iowa City

Residents of Cedar County and North East Johnson County,

You are represented in the Iowa House of Representative (District) 73 by Bobby Kaufman. He is being challenged by Lonny Pulkrabek, former Johnson County sheriff.

Unfortunately Bobby has declined to debate Lonny. I believe a part of running for office is making yourself available to answer questions and face the public. Unfortunately, Bobby’s refusal to participate in a forum is not his first. I have organized dozens of candidate forum through the years. Bobby’s refusal was the first.

I do not know why Bobby, in recent years, does not wish to face the public. However, it is reasonable to believe that Bobby does not want Lonny to have the opportunity, in a face-to-face encounter, to explain how his views better match those of citizens than do Bobby’s. Examples: The citizens of District 73 want adequate funding for public schools. They do not want barriers that prevent persons from voting. They want insurance to cover pre-existing conditions. Over and over again the Republicans in the Iowa House have voted to benefit special interests rather than the interests of the citizens.

Lonny would vote for your interests. Iowa needs to break the one-party domination and flip the Iowa House to the Democratic Party. The citizens of District 73 can help make this happen by voting for Lonny Pulkrabek in the November election.

By Lynn Gallagher, Solon

Politics has become a dirty business. Money and partisan loyalty lately seem to trump doing what is right for people. Many people I talk to say they are fed up and pay no attention any more and that is sad.

What makes government work or not work is the integrity of our elected representatives. Our system of government depends on those who represent us making a good faith effort. It falls apart when this does not happen. Sadly, many politicians have forgotten that their job is public service and that they are accountable to voters. They think they can say one thing and do another.

That is why I am supporting Lonny Pulkrabek to represent me in the Iowa Statehouse. Lonny will bring integrity and accountability to our state government. Lonny Pulkrabek has 35 years in law enforcement. As Johnson County sheriff for 15 years he is also a past president of the Iowa State Association of Counties and past president of the Iowa State Sheriff’s and Deputies’ Association. These are leadership credentials that we sorely need in these challenging times.


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Please join me in voting for Lonny Pulkrabek for House District 73.

By Joel E. Wells, Iowa City

We need local control.

We all know that presidential and state leadership on coronavirus is missing — we are on our own. The Johnson County Board of Health and Supervisors are appreciated for stepping up to fill the void in mandating a mandatory mask ordinance.

It is times like these when we appreciate elected officials that act in the public’s best interest instead of political or self-interests that have so frequently been displayed.

Our representative, Buttercup Bobby Kaufmann, District 73 repeatedly votes for the far-right agenda at the expense of his constituents.

We all realize the opposition to wearing a face mask is really a dog whistle to the right wing, white supremacist contingent of the Republican Party. It is racist! I think we all understand that.

If Kim Reynolds and Donald Trump were serious about getting the economy going, they would stop the coronavirus from spreading. They do not listen to the CDC, the University of Iowa Heath Department recommendations, or implement measures that would at least slow the virus. Instead they implement measures they dreamt up using false scientific methods. Now Kim Reynolds wants to throw our children under the bus.

Local control is what is needed since the state cannot be trusted. That is why I am voting for Lonny Pulkrabek for District 73 Iowa House of Representatives and hope you will too. We need elected officials that are looking out for all of us and not just their party, or the next election.

By Brian Kirschling, Iowa City

When I heard that Sheriff Lonny Pulkrabek was running for Iowa House District 73, I reached out to him to express my best wishes and to offer my support. I’ve known Sheriff Pulkrabek personally for nearly 20 years as he served the citizens of Johnson County with dignity and respect. He is a deeply caring individual that listens well, enjoys learning about issues, and understands government’s ability to improve the everyday lives of citizens. He also has seen firsthand how laws passed in Des Moines can directly affect Iowa communities.

I have a unique, personal interest in Lonny Pulkrabek’s focus on healthcare. As a healthcare provider at the VA Medical Center, I am unfortunately very aware of access to care issues as well as affordability of healthcare. Specifically, Lonny’s longtime advocacy for mental health and crisis intervention resonates greatly with me and helps to serve our local veterans of the armed forces.

Additionally, I have served on the ICCSD Board of Education and I am confident that Lonny is committed to adequate and timely funding for Iowa’s schools because, after a decade of repeated underfunding of our schools, there is nothing left to squeeze. With COVID there are significant new costs for transportation and classroom safety that are unfunded and will further hurt Iowa’s once strong commitment to public education.

Please join me in supporting Lonny Pulkrabek for Iowa House 73 this Nov. 3.

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