Letter to the editor: End tax funding to the Johnson County Fair until the kids’ rodeo is cancelled

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Demonstrators protest outside the 2018 Johnson County Fair. — photo courtesy of Lynn Gallagher

By Lynn Gallagher

This is a follow-up to the letter “Cultivate compassion in children,” critiquing the inclusion of a kids’ rodeo in the Johnson County Fair.

What do taxes have to do with it? Well, Johnson County gives the Johnson County Fair a lot of money every year. This year it was $103,000. That is taxpayer money. They say the money is so the fair and parking there are free and it pays for the deputies who direct traffic.

To me, this is endorsing and supporting the fair. I am strongly opposed to any support or endorsement of a fair that includes children abusing animals for entertainment. And I really resent any portion of my taxes being used in this manner. If you feel the same, please let the county supervisors know and also ask the Fair Association to eliminate the “family rodeo,” or at least take it out of the fair. Thank you.

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  1. The author of this LTE is absolutely correct. Chasing, roping, tying, and violently yanking young animals to the ground is not sport, it is animal abuse. Would you encourage someone to do this to your puppy and then applaud? While the JoCo Fair has many positive features, I don’t want my tax money used to pay for mistreating animals in this way.

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