Letter to the editor: Cathy Glasson should challenge Joni Ernst in 2020

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Joni Ernst’s official portrait, 2019.

By Mary Gravitt

DEMOCRATS! WAKE UP! Nominate Cathy Glasson to challenge Joni Ernst in 2020. Like the majority of Republican/Tea Party senators, Ernst is more interested in maintaining political power and Trump’s approval than serving the interests of Iowans or the American peoples.

Iowa has been out of political balance since Senator Tom Harkin retired. We should not have two Republican senators, especially those who “put politics ahead of their constitutionally defined duty to provide advice and consent regarding judicial nominations.” (John Nicholas, Horsemen of the Trumpocalypse) This was done with Chuck Grassley as Senate Judiciary Committee chair, and with Ernst in the Christine Blasey-Ford testimony by her silence. Herself a victim of sexual assault, Ernst showed no empathy for Blasey-Ford, in denial like Peter — preferring to remain in Trump’s good graces, and allow Kavanagh a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court.

Ernst’s election to the Senate can be attributed to the Koch’s dark money network: the Kochtopus. Jane Mayer (Dark Money) writes that in 2014, at a June secret Koch meeting, leaked tapes (available on YouTube) of the event caught Senator Joni Ernst, who in her words, was a “little-known state senator from a very rural part of Iowa,” crediting the Kochs with transforming her, like Eliza Doolittle, into a national star. “Exposure to this group and through this network and the opportunity to meet so many of you,” Ernst said, “were really what started my trajectory.”

The second greatest contributor to Ernst’s trajectory is/was via Kochtopus member the NRA (Daily Iowan, 3/19/18). Therefore, she is well-funded — but the race is not always to the swift or the well-funded. It relies on voters.

Democratic women and Independent voters can make a difference in this battle for the soul of the U.S. Senate. They are the Deborahs and Jaels (Judges 4) of the electorate. We must lead the battle and hammer the “tent pin” into the Ernst reelection campaign. This hammering was done in the midterm, when white, suburban, college-educated women realized that Blasey-Ford was telling their story — and changed the House of Representatives.

We can change the Senate by selecting and supporting and electing Cathy Glasson as Iowa’s junior senator.

This article was originally published in Little Village issue 263.

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