Letter to the Editor: For sustainability, vote three Ts and a Rock

Change can be easy if we start small. If you believe in recycling; reusing; reducing; then you will want to vote this November 3.

The positive impact of your vote could be one of the biggest turning points for a beautiful, sustainable Iowa City. There are four CORE candidates whose visions will turn Iowa City’s future towards sustainable economic growth including innovative technologies for transportation, clean air and water.

By joining the ranks of Sweden, which is committed to becoming fossil fuel free; Melbourne, which is trying to be free by the year 2020, and Ames, Iowa, which voted to restrict building heights to 11 stories, above which energy consumption increases greatly, Iowa City will remain an attractive place to raise healthy children, start businesses and retire.

Iowa City could become a true bike friendly and walkable city, further contributing to a sustainable future. Smart growth is smart long-term economic growth: If people want to live in Iowa City because they can bike to work, walk through parks and breathe clean air, then we will continue to have unlimited economic opportunities.

Please vote for sustainability this November 3 by voting for three Ts and a Rock: John Thomas, Jim Throgmorton, Pauline Taylor and Rockne Cole.

In 2013, only 22% of the population voted in Iowa City’s City Election. Take a friend to vote who wouldn’t without you — this simple gesture could double the number of voters.

Find voting locations and times here.

— Jiyun Park, Iowa City

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