Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst on the RNC main stage

Joni Ernst -- photo courtesy of John Winet
Joni Ernst — photo courtesy of Jon Winet

By the time Joni Ernst reached the stage of the 2016 GOP Convention the first night’s proceedings were running many minutes overtime, well past prime time, and a noticeable number of the delegates had already headed for the exits. Her opportunity for national exposure in the spotlight was largely spoiled.

A July 6 New York Times article noted: “Giving a prime speaking slot to Ms. Ernst — who was being vetted as a possible running mate to Mr. Trump but is no longer under consideration — is fitting in many ways, like in possibly helping the candidate neutralize the criticism that he has been insensitive to women. As a Midwesterner who hails from a battleground state, Ms. Ernst offers geographical balance to the brash New York developer.”

The Iowa delegation did appear to have held ranks, with all seats filled in their corner of the hall.

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