Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst on the RNC main stage

By the time Joni Ernst reached the stage of the 2016 GOP Convention the first night’s proceedings were running many minutes overtime, well past prime time, and a noticeable number of the delegates had already headed for the exits. Her opportunity for national exposure in the spotlight was largely spoiled. A July 6 New York […]

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LV coverage at the 2016 RNC

Today, the city of Cleveland, Ohio will welcome Republican delegates from around the country to choose the party’s presidential and vice presidential nominees for the 2016 race for the White House. Reporters Jon Winet, David Levi Strauss and Allen Spore will be providing on-the-floor coverage of the event on behalf of Little Village and […]

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Chuck Grassley defends his Clinton email probe

Sen. Chuck Grassley had another highlight reel week. He continued to defend his Hillary Clinton private email investigation, won an award, and mulled his travel options for the Republican National Convention (RNC), to be held Jul. 18 – 21. Regarding his Clinton email probe, he responded to criticism from Sen. Harry Reid who questioned Grassley […]

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