Iowa City Weekender: March 25-27

You might not have noticed, but this weekend started early – here’s a recap of Wednesday’s very notable events:

4:00 – Gabe’s opens its doors under new ownership, with Craig back behind the bar!

5:00 – Unknown Component brings his heady rock to KRUI for Little Village Live (watch this space for video updates in the coming days)

6:00 – Campus Republicans raise a ruckus in the rain over health care legislation

7:00 – the first of 7 acts prepares to take the stage at a massive hip hop showdown at the Blue Moose, starring Anti-con co-founder Sole with his Skyrider band.

8:00 – Tony Lucca impresses Tyrone Wells’ large crowd at the Mill.

9:00 – Tyrone who?  Where’d that Tony Lucca go?

and now it’s…


CANCELED: These Are Powers w/ Javelin, Data Gun | Public Space ONE | 9 pm

It is with extreme sadness that I report to you: This show has been canceled.  If you want to listen to Javelin, you’ll have to drive around in my car with me sometime.  It’s on an infinite loop.  Damn.  So sad.  So sad.

On the bright side: Now you don’t have to feel torn between that show and…

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The Diplomats of Solid Sound ft. The Diplomettes | Blue Moose Tap House | 9 pm | $7

Nate Basinger is back from Austin, Kathy Ruestow is back from Chicago, and that means the Diplomats are gonna drink, dance and party somewhere until very early tomorrow morning.  Make the scene tonight at The Blue Moose!


2nd Anniversary Party and Sale | Home Ec. | 5-7 pm | FREE

Are you familiar with Home Ec.?  It’s a little shop on the north side (207 N. Linn) that sells crafting supplies, hosts workshops, and doubles as a bakery and coffee shop featuring delectable treats, homemade by Heidi Anderson, aka Sugar Lovin’ Mama.

Whether you craft for hobby or for cash, the wonderful people at Home Ec. can help you find just the right combination of needles, thread, glue, fabric and paper to help you while away all your lovely Spring and Summer afternoons.

Give them a high five to congratulate them at their 2nd Anniversary Party and Sale, this Friday evening.

Also of note (If you really need me to plan your itinerary with no gaps), head to the ICPL from 7-9 for a free showing of Blue Gold: World Water Wars

Friday’s Main Event: Fruit Bats | The Mill | 9 pm | $10

Everybody loves The Shins, you know it, I know it… What’s not to love?  But are you down with Fruit Bats?  10 years and 4 albums deep, this isn’t so much a side project for Shin’s guitarist Eric Johnson.  Get familiar with them on their MySpace page, and then do not miss their show this Friday night at the Mill!


Return of Saturday night dance parties | Gabe’s | 10 pm | FREE

DJ Tutt returns to his familiar playground for more bleeding dance parties.  I continue to hope and pray this will be held upstairs so that the downstairs can just be a good old, plain old, bar.  Where you can get a good old plain old drink.  But we will see.  Anyway, aren’t you curious?  Don’t you want to see what it’s like in there?  Perhaps they hired people to spend the last few weeks puking and pissing all over everything to make it really feel and smell just like the good old days.  Who knows?  Better go see for yourself!

Have a great weekend,


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