Iowa City Weekender – January 30-February 1

There’s a little something going on this Sunday called the Super Bowl. 43% of all U.S. households watch the event and chances are that, even if you think football is for savages, somebody will invite you for a party. You should go for the guacamole if nothing else. And did you know that the Super Bowl balls could very well be from Iowa? For the rest of your weekend and beyond…

Friday, January 31

JCVD | The Bijou Theatre, IMU | 7pm | $5

If you’re finding it hard to keep track of the Bijou’s sched these days, you’re not alone (we love you guys, but we lie in wait for the return of an up-to-date calendar). So we thougth we’d help ’em out. JCVD is Jean-Claude Van Damme, who plays himself in this send-up of the action hero formula, imaging what the real JCVD would do in a real hostage situation. Many call it Van Damme’s finest performance. Many would argue the bar hadn’t been set very high. But, by all accounts, this film is well worth seeing on a big screen. (Hat tip to Weekender friend Taylor for keeping us in the know)

The Alley CabaretAlley Cabaret | Englert Theatre | midnight | $5

Late Nighters can catch the 2009 return of the Alley Cabaret to the Englert featuring jugglers Cirque Stupendo, musical act Rock, Paper, Scissors and the dancing Alley Cats. Good clean fun, by way of the back door.

Saturday, January 31

Habitat for Humanity Hammer-Head Putt-Putt | Coral Ridge Mall | 10-6pm | $8 or $26 for 4

Mini-golf with a purpose. Family Night is friday, but the real competition is Saturday from 10am-1pm, when four player teams battle for the Hammer-Head tournament title. You dont really need an excuse for mini-golf do you? But, you could always use a reason for more. Proceeds benefit the Tippie College of Business’ efforts to raise $50K to build a new Habitat home. Plus, try your hand at putting with a hammer on the Hammer-Head Hole–the only time you can swing a hammer in the mall without Paul Blart taking you down.

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound | The Yacht Club | 9pm | $6

Soulman JC Brooks arrives from Chicago with his band The Uptown Sound. Ranging from R&B crooning to punk-tinged soul, Chicago Magazine calls them “A modern-day soul band.  They’re really fantastic.” With The Diplomats Doug Roberson spins between sets and Des Moines’ Bonne Finken opens.
Baltimore Is the New Brooklyn – JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound (mp3)

Sunday, February 1

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The Broken Spokes | Public Space One | 9pm | $5

Evidently this folk/country/punk five-piece (six?) is acquiring quite a local following.  Washtub bass, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica and some rough and raw vocals combine for an energetic, old-timey feel bridging 2009 and 1909. Sharing the stage: Them Damn Kids.

Wednesday, February 4

Yo! Majesty | The Picador | 9pm | $8 or $26 for 4

Lesbian rappers Jwl. B & Shunda K drop rhymes about sexual domination over electrobeats. Tampa-based Yo! Majesty crashes the male dominated realm of rap with bayonets drawn. Take Salt n’ Pepa, speed it up, and some agressive feminism and shake. What a Wednesday. “Think Fannypack with soul. A Fergie-esque sound that’s not annoying. Gnarles Barkley showmanship, rooted in feminist ideologies.” – Go! 


  1. I saw JCVD over the weekend and it rocked! It went above and beyond my expectations. Who knew Jean-Claude could act?! I’d say it is definitely a must see, tell your friends about it. You should get out and see it before it’s through playing at Bijou.

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