‘Punk was about action!’: A new documentary, 16 years in the making, charts punk history

“I remember first hearing about punk in Newsweek or Time magazine in the summer of 1976, when we were living in Afghanistan,” mused Minor Threat drummer Jeff Nelson, whose father worked for the U.S. State Department. Nelson was born in 1962 in South Africa and lived in other far-flung places before the family settled in Washington D.C., […]

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Show Preview: Those Darlins with Turbo Fruits – The Mill 9/24

Southern through and through, Those Darlins will bring their own brand of cowpunk through Iowa City on the 24th of September. Easily blending the twangy sounds of the Appalachians with the speed of punk rock and a bit of pop sensibility, Those Darlins are fast, catchy, and write really great simple songs.


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Prairie Pop: Musical Brew

Prairie Pop: March 2010 – With some musicians and bands, I form a kind of matrimonial bond (though because I like so many artists, that makes me a bit of a polygamist). Long-term fandom is like entering into a marital contract–where you’re with them until the bitter end, even if they get a little ugly […] […]

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Iowa City Weekender – January 30-February 1

There’s a little something going on this Sunday called the Super Bowl. 43% of all U.S. households watch the event and chances are that, even if you think football is for savages, somebody will invite you for a party. You […]

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The Weekender Nov 27-Nov30

Imagine that I’m telling you all these things while turkeys are getting slaughtered in the background. Or maybe not. This weekend’s entertainment pickings are a bit slimmer than usual. The Picador used to always have some sort of oddball townie […]

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